North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc.

About the Guild

Empowering the Vision of Film Communities through Cinema

North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. is the brainchild of Jerome Dulin, and co-founded by Joseph Arcegono, to establish and influence the North Luzon Region to advocate film as a medium for artistic expression as well as a platform for societal reflection.

Despite the efforts of organizations and institutions of implementing Film Programs in the Northern Philippines, they were still fragmented and inaccessible to other communities and film enthusiasts.

The Guild believes that film is an extension for communicating life and life experiences in the society we are in that can influence, change and reiterate wisdom we encounter in our existence. Also during its establishment, there are fragmented programs and rare opportunities in learning the art of filmmaking as well as occasions to feature regional film in North Luzon.

Although, believing that filmmaking as an extension for communication and artistic expression, we be

lieve that filmmaking should be a path in discovering and rediscovering the region’s culture. We recognize the power of film as an incandescent towards social change. We believe that cinema can liberate the minds of the people and the people itself.


North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. shall be an established institution recognized in programming, producing, curating, archiving and distributing films from the North Luzon Region- partnering with other institutions and agencies, government or non-government, for the preservation and promotion of culture.


 North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. shall advocate film as medium of artistic expression in the Region by providing workshops, festivals, and exhibition platforms, organizing film education programs, raise funds for film grant programs to produce films, create a community for collaborations, and, build networks for film distribution.