Francisco “Kiko” Tavas III

About the Filmmaker

Francisco “Kiko” L. Tavas III is a 21-year-old communication student at Far Eastern University-Manila. He is a consistent achiever and graduated Senior High School with high honor at Far Eastern University Manila- Senior High School. Now, Francis is the standing Public Relations Officer- External of the university’s only film organization, FEU Film Society. Though having enough resources provided by his family, he still strives to supply his needs and does not entirely depend on his family, especially on his expenses.

At such a young age, he discovers his love for reading and writing. As he grew older, his passion for both arts grew relatively close in filmmaking. By then, he shifts his focus on filmmaking and has started to explore and widen his knowledge about it. Now, with enough experience, he firmly believes that filmmaking, in general, is what he wants to do in the future.