Gutierrez “Teng” Mangansakan II

About the Speaker

Gutierrez MANGANSAKAN II has written for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Times, Philippine Star, Manila Standard, Manila Bulletin, and Malaya, and provides the column “This Blessed House,” for a Mindanao-based news service. His first film, House under the Crescent Moon, won Best Documentary at the 15th Cultural Center of the Philippines Prize for Independent Film and Video in 2001; his other films have been screened at international film festivals to wide acclaim. 

He is editor of Children of the Ever-Changing Moon, an anthology of essays by young Moro writers (Anvil, 2007). His poems, essays and short stories have appeared in ANI 33, Banaag Diwa, and Dagmay. He participates courtesy of the US Embassy in Manila.

Filmmaker Gutierrez “Teng” Mangansakan II was born in Cotabato and raised in Maguindanao to a political family. His grandfather was Datu Udtug Matalam, founder of the Mindanao Independence Movement, which was formed in response to the Jabidah massacre in 1968. – CNN Philippines

Gutierrez Mangansakan II, an advocate of the Moro culture, is a filmmaker and writer from Pagalungan, Maguindanao. In 2001, his filmHouse under the Crescent Moon won the grand prize for video documentary from the Cultural Center of the Philippines Prize for Independent Film and Video. Since then, he has made films that focus on the plight of women and children. Also, he was the editor of Children of the Ever-Changing Moon(2007), a collection of essays by young Moro writers.

He became a fellow at the University of Iowa‘s International Program in 2008. Mangansakan wrote a short story entitled ―A Harvest of Sorrows for the collection Peace Mindanao, edited by Jaime An Lim, a multi-awarded writer, it is also published by UST Publishing House in 2013. The story features a narrator whose experience mirrors Mangansakan‘s experience in relief work. For him, the issue and images of refugees and displacement have always been a consistent element in both his films and writing.