Indigenous Treasures | Petani Bukan Pemalas (Farmers Are Not Lazy) by Nurfitri Amir

Indigenous Treasures | Petani Bukan Pemalas (Farmers Are Not Lazy) by Nurfitri Amir

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History, Principle and the Environment are the basic wealth we have. We can acquire new knowledge, deepen our connections and be nourished by these basic things- we are disillusioned by the fact that these are indigenous treasure. Indigenous treasures are not distant from us- they are within us

Petani Bukan Pemalas (Farmers Are Not Lazy)

A rural smallholding padi farmer from Alor Pongsu, Azhar rues the bitterness of an exploitative system where farmers like him are shortchanged with expensive commercial seeds that increasingly yield poor harvests despite all their hard work and dedication. Angered by the declining harvests and rising costs, Azhar takes matters into his own hands by cultivating rice seeds, an age-old farming practice long since forgotten after the government started aggressively marketing commercial seeds. However, he faces a battle to correct government-sown misconceptions of farmers being failures due to laziness and unwillingness to learn modern techniques. Matters come to a head and Azhar must decide it’s time for farmers to band together to seek justice and demand change to their common livelihoods.

About the Film

Petani Bukan Pemalas (Farmers are not lazy) is a 17 mins documentary directed by Nurfitri Amir, a prominent activist and a paddy researcher produced by Freedom Film Festival 2020 in collaboration with Third World Network, Goethe Institut, EU, the Netherlands, and  Pertubuhan Persaudaaraan Pesawah Malaysia (PeSAWAH). Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar representing KAMY had the opportunity to moderate the premiere discussion with the filmmaker Nurfitri Amir and the farmer himself, Azhar Hashim.

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2022-02-19 @ 08:00 PM to
2022-02-19 @ 09:30 PM

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