Knowmad Short Film Festival Showcase 01

Knowmad Short Film Festival Showcase 01

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Knowmad Short Film Festival

Knowmad Short Film Festival is a creative endeavor of the Knowmad Institut aligned to share and apply the experiences of communities and individuals, solve problems and generate opportunities in a resilient and contextual way. The goal is to transform information into knowledge.

We are Knowmads: creative, imaginative, innovative and collaborative people who use technology to build bridges and work with anyone who promotes human dignity, anywhere and anytime to make this world a better place.

At the Knowmad Institut we strive to give voice and actions to Human Dignity and Human Rights in public and private policies

Customer Representative

Director Mostafa Safavi Pour

5 minutes 22 seconds | Turkey | 2020

Synopsis: Cisem works at home as a “Customer Representative” of a company, in which her work invades her private life to the end.

Mis-conception, The Mystery of Unamuno

Directors: Elvin Jay Macanlalay and Arvileen Yongzon

5 minutes | Philippines | 2018

Synopsis: This story is about a special creature named Bungisngis and along with him is a mischievous child named Ron Ron. Let us watch their journey through the jungle after a calamity hit their village, Unamuno. How did he met Bungisngis and what will his role be in the story?

 ¿Qué Hacer en Yumbo?

What to do in Yumbo?

Director: Nixon Ibarra Medina

6 minutes 48 seconds | Colombia | 2020

Synopsis: Sebastián Mejía is sent to Yumbo to inform about turistic sites, but insecurity situations will complicate what is looked like a easy task.

A City Without Sky

Diretor: Zain Issa

5 minutes 38 seconds | Syria |2021

Synopsis: For several years, I’ve been sitting on the roof of the house waiting… Maybe a bigger missile or a closer bullet… I don’t know! Have you ever experienced the feeling of fear of something that hasn’t happened yet and you don’t know what it is? 

I was constantly feeling that something bad could happen at any moment…

I still have that feeling to this day

The Forbidden Faith Of Refuge

Director: Khashayar Marhamati

5 minutes 49 seconds | United Kingdom | 2021

Synopsis: This documentary reveals the truth of the Iranian Christians’ situation and the hardships that they go through because of their religion being banned in Iran and the punishments they face. This documentary specifically explores the life of one of those Christians, Reza, who had to leave his country and family to Immigrate to the UK, and the difficulties that he endures on his journey, and at the end, he’s still living under terrible circumstances now. His story is just one case in a million.

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