Kultura Film Festival

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Kultura Screenings, Kultura Talk, Masterclasses and Online Booths!

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Kultura Film Exhibition

The film exhibition shall be held through online/ physical film screening followed by an interactive talkback with the filmmakers. The themes will expand depending on the merits and narratives of the films submitted but it will not be limited to the following themes: .Cultural Identity, Human Rights, Women of the Communities, Narratives of the LGBTQIA+ Community, Climate and Environment.

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Let's hear from the Filmmakers through KulturaTalk! Filmmakers will discuss their motivations and core about creating their films and why they choose to advocate for these themes. An online talkback will be held after every screening for the Kultura Film Exhibition.

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Kultura Cinema: Film Education Series

This program aims to extend and make film education accessible to filmmakers. The educational series will be held via the Zoom Webinar/ Meeting format. Online Film Masterclasses will be held by selected Mentors of Fiction and Nonfiction Films I. Ideation: Creating your Ideas into a Film II. Human Rights on Screenplay III. Communicating Human Rights Through Documentary Films IV. The Power of Light and Camera Techniques V. Producing your Film

Kultura is a Right!

There will be 5 discussions about status of indigenous people; oppression in schools; historical revisionism; impacts of war; and the, state of human rights and human rights defenders in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. The full-length films will be the jump-off points for the discussions paneled by filmmakers, human rights defenders and subjects of the films.

Why Kultura Film Festival

Kultura Film Festival is a platform that opens discussions on culture that focuses on the lenses of human dignity and human rights. The festival is open to all filmmakers from the Philippines and the world.

This will be the first edition of Kultura Film Festival to be implemented by the North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. supported by Movies that Matter and in partnership with cultural and art organizations and regional film networks in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Kultura Film Festival has undergone Cinema Without Borders Workshop by Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival and Movies that Matter that aided in the development of the festival.

The films to be programmed will showcase the narratives of the different cultures and situations of communities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and human rights films curated by other human rights film festivals. The film talkbacks aim to inspire other emerging filmmakers to document and share their stories through cinema.

We are interested in films that showcases local culture in the lens of human rights and human dignity, which also include

  • Stories addressing Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and other cultural or racial groups that are often marginalized within their respective contexts—extending to those who are disabled, those who are part of diasporas, and the wide variety of other cultures and communities who make up the diversity of human life.
  • Cultural analyses addressing gender inequality, sexuality, power dynamics, and systemic racism.
  • Explorations of geopolitical issues, whether or not they are typically associated with environmental crises, such as pandemics, overpopulation, energy sources, sex trafficking, famine, and war.
  • Issues of social justice at the national or regional level, such as those relating to immigration, prison systems, healthcare, and wage inequality.
  • Stories and investigations of ecological topics such as pollution, climate change, and biodiversity. These can be focused on revealing solutions as much as on exposing problems or challenges.
  • Films that explore the realms of technology, psychology, medicine, and spirituality as they intersect with human health and/or with ecological integrity.