Festival Curations

Kultura Film Festival is a platform that opens discussions on culture that focuses on the lenses of human dignity and human rights. The festival is open to all filmmakers from the Philippines and the world.

This will be the first edition of Kultura Film Festival to be implemented by the North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. supported by Movies that Matter and in partnership with cultural and art organizations and regional film networks in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Kultura Film Festival has undergone Cinema Without Borders Workshop by Active Vista International Human Rights Film Festival and Movies that Matter that aided in the development of the festival.

The films to be programmed will showcase the narratives of the different cultures and situations of communities in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and human rights films curated by other human rights film festivals. The film talkbacks aim to inspire other emerging filmmakers to document and share their stories through cinema.

We are interested in films that showcases local culture in the lens of human rights and human dignity, which also include

– Stories addressing Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and other cultural or racial groups that are often marginalized within their respective contexts—extending to those who are disabled, those who are part of diasporas, and the wide variety of other cultures and communities who make up the diversity of human life.

– Cultural analyses addressing gender inequality, sexuality, power dynamics, and systemic racism.

– Explorations of geopolitical issues, whether or not they are typically associated with environmental crises, such as pandemics, overpopulation, energy sources, sex trafficking, famine, and war.

– Issues of social justice at the national or regional level, such as those relating to immigration, prison systems, healthcare, and wage inequality.

– Stories and investigations of ecological topics such as pollution, climate change, and biodiversity. These can be focused on revealing solutions as much as on exposing problems or challenges.

– Films that explore the realms of technology, psychology, medicine, and spirituality as they intersect with human health and/or with ecological integrity.

Experiencing History

Dapol Tan Payawar na Tayug 1931

Ashes and Ghost of Tayug 1931 | Calosa’s story in Dapol Tan Payawar Na Tayug 1931 is told as a triptych of three intersecting narratives: the first is a silent-era film treatment of Calosa’s formation of the Tayug Colorum leading to the night before the revolt, the second is a 1960’s French New Wave/European Cinema inspired take on Calosa, now a mystical religious figure in the mountains, as he is interviewed by author F. Sionil Jose and David Sturtevant, and the third is a present-day photomontage of a filmmaker (Fe Hyde) as she attempts to make a film about Calosa’s life and struggles.

Notes by John Tawasil


Women of the Communities

Women of the Communities | Films from this curation aims to asses, validate, relook, and rethink our part as humans in the plight, angst, success of women in our own communities. These stories engorge with fascinating visuals and fresh storytelling puts us not only in the character’s plight but also put us in questioning ourselves in the real challenges faced by women.



Perspectives | Films in this section will put us into the edges, peripheries, flaws, errors and potentials of our human mind: from accepting the the realities brought about our action from understanding our connection with the world. Perspectives may not be our realities but they do persist to exist because we may be  n accomplice why this perspectives persist.


Untold Tales of the Community

Untold Tales of the Community | We often time refer to untold stories as ‘taboo’, secrets that must be revealed to nullify and call-out the threats of own own existence, detrimental to the connection with other humans, and the cause of chaos in the relationships that bind us as a community. We are humans and this curation is a platform that aid in release of our frustrations.


LGBTQIA+ Representation

Passionate-Gentle-Fighting |  We were born free- and if our community doesn’t agree with our existence, we must make an understanding that would be in the highest form of humanity that is free from oppression and violence. We exist because – we exist!

Wider Lenses

Knowmad Short Film Features

Knowmad Short Film Festival

Knowmad Short Film Festival is a creative endeavor of the Knowmad Institut aligned to share and apply the experiences of communities and individuals, solve problems and generate opportunities in a resilient and contextual way. The goal is to transform information into knowledge.

We are Knowmads: creative, imaginative, innovative and collaborative people who use technology to build bridges and work with anyone who promotes human dignity, anywhere and anytime to make this world a better place.

At the Knowmad Institut we strive to give voice and actions to Human Dignity and Human Rights in public and private policies

Showcase A

Showcase B

War and Power

A House in Pieces

A House in Pieces, is the idea of home expressed in different but all of them painful ways — as ruins of a city in the present, spaces of residence abandoned; as a longed-for past, cradling one’s memories, that is yet within arm’s length but now irretrievably lost; and as defiant hope for a future shadowed by uncertainty.

Notes by Mindanews.

Envisioning Change


Re-Vision is a collection of films that aims to set ourselves straight of our action against humanity brought about by historical revisioning, misinformation, disinformation and brainwashing. With the current state of information in our country, we tend to repeat the damages and be engulfed by the false reality being spread.

War and Power

Indigenous Treasures

History, Principle and the Environment are the basic wealth we have. We can acquire new knowledge, deepen our connections and be nourished by these basic things- we are disillusioned by the fact that these are indigenous treasure. Indigenous treasures are not distant from us- they are within us.

Getting Real

Closing Films

The films ending the festival are a jumpstart to what is being real that poses a challenges to our existence- as a human, as a nation, and as a community.It gives us hope that we can achieve and make changes in the world that is chaotic brought about by humans. They are not just films- they are real person, realities and challenges to humanity.